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These are some of the activities and academic programs offered to Flamingo Elementary students.  Please check our photo gallery for pictures of these programs in action.


Academic Programs


Extended Foreign Language

One of the major goals of Miami-Dade County Public Schools focuses on the need to prepare students to enter the work force and provide students knowledge and skills intrinsic to competing in a global community.  In order to assist our students in accomplishing these goals, as well as offering them the opportunity to grow in awareness of the global community, Miami Dade County Public Schools is expanding the bilingual programs. Research has shown significant benefits from participating in such programs:

  Children exposed to foreign language instruction score higher in verbal and mathematical skills.

  Foreign language instruction reinforces the language skills of the first language.

  Exposure to a second language serves as a means of helping students move toward intercultural competence.

  The earlier a student begins to learn in two languages the sooner he or she becomes truly bilingual.

In order to offer our students the advantages that being bilingual and bi-literate affords, Flamingo Elementary is offering an Extended Foreign Language (EFL) model.  It provides all participating students an opportunity to become bilingual and bi-literate and, at the same time, to acquire values that will enable them to function in an increasingly multicultural society.



Gifted and talented students are those for whom a traditional educational program is not always sufficient, requiring a different approach for meeting their educational needs.

Students demonstrate achievement or potential ability can be in:

  general intellectual ability

  specific academic aptitude

  creative or productive thinking

  leadership ability

  visual and performing arts

  psychomotor abilities


School-wide Enrichment Model

Flamingo Elementary was chosen as the elementary school in Region I to Pilot the School-wide Enrichment Program.  This Program is based on a model for gifted education developed by Dr. Joseph Renzulli at the University of Connecticut.  Students in this Program work through three types of enrichment activities (Type I, Type II, and Type III).  The objectives of the School-wide Enrichment Program are to 1) expose students to topics that may not be included in the essential curriculum, 2) increase student skills in research and problem solving, and 3) increase student awareness of personal strengths and potential for success.


Teaching Enrichment Activities to Minorities

The Teaching Enrichment Activities to Minorities (TEAM) program was established in the Miami-Dade County Public School System during the 1984-85 school year.  It was designed to provide instruction to higher-order thinking skills to identified students in a self-contained elementary school classroom setting.  TEAM integrates thinking skills instruction with all subject areas to strengthen the thinking processes of students.


Student Activities


Flamingo Elementary has many activities and clubs available for the students. Listed below are some of the activities that are currently available for your child to participate in.


Safety Patrols 

Our Safety Patrol sees that every student leaves the school safely. Crowd and traffic control is also very important to the success of our program.


Do the Right Thing

This program was designed to positively impact the youth of our school by publicly recognizing students who distinguish themselves through their behavior and by establishing them as role models for their peers.


Art Club

The art club helps develop artistic skill, nurture the joy of being creative and helps students acquire an appreciation for art.



The Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) studio is used for a the daily morning news show, which is produced by students.


Student Services

Ms. Elli Diaz, Guidance Counselor, is available to help the children with adjustment problems, a family crisis, self-esteem issues and interpersonal relationships. 

Dr. Gil Lopez, School Psychologist, helps students and school staff focus on problem prevention, intervention and diagnostic evaluation.

Ms. Kristen Rivera, Placement Specialist, conducts staffing meetings to determine a student's eligibility or ineligibility for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs.

A Speech Therapist identifies children with speech, language, or hearing problems.  These  problems may be in the areas of sound development, using and understanding language, voice, or fluency (stuttering). 



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